Amazing Beard Growth Products

If you want amazing beard growth products, TBS will get you there faster than anything else you can buy.

It’s true. Our formula is PROVEN to work – proven by the fact that we now have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world who use our brand regularly.

 The real proof, of course, is that these men RE-ORDER from us all the time.

They would only do that if our brand WORK.

And if you listen to what many of them write to us and say, we think you’ll be impressed enough to give TBS  a try.

Or watch the videos they make, as you see here…

What’s the Key to Success?

There are several things, actually.

Yes, genetics is an important contributing factor to your overall results. After all, no two humans are exactly identical.

For the most part, each one of us is the result of our ancestors and what kinds of bodies they had.

That’s why, to overcome whatever your “bad” genetics might be, you must start with a line of successful skincare and hair-care blend designed specifically for growing out facial hair.

We’re talking about the full, enviable length and texture that can make a woman swoon.

You can’t get that way with normal “over-the-counter” brands. You need a specialized formulae – like ours.

Beard Growth Products

Introducing TBS – the name that turns

“The Struggle”
into a fight, you can WIN!

We all know what “the struggle” means.

It means waking up in the morning to face the ultimate truth: What in the world are you going to do about your lack of adequate facial hair?

Why isn’t it growing? Why won’t it fill in? Why can’t it stay straight?

Listen: Making it grow isn’t easy. Keeping it long isn’t easy. Giving it a smooth texture isn’t easy.

All of this requires very specific set of tools and instructions that are designed to treat every aspect of “the struggle” that you now have to deal with every day.

Your decision to go for the “fully grown” look is something that you must commit to every day.

You can’t afford to “take a day off” – let alone take a week off. There’s no such luxury.

You must stay on top of your hair health and skin health every day – or it can get away from you.

That’s why TBS has “The Ultimate Kit” – far more than just a starter, because it has everything you can possibly need for success.

It has the Scruff Balm you need for preparing your skin to release all the hairs that are ‘hiding’ deep down, below the surface, right now.

Our special oils then get massaged into your skin, assuring the deep penetration of nutrients that will “coax” the hair to grow at unheard-of rates.

Where you now have bald or bare spots, prepare to be “infested” with new hair starts.

Oh, and not just tiny, ‘barely-there’ hair. No. We’re talking about strong, robust, thick hair strands that will sprout up straight and be ready for action from day one.

Bold, full-bodied facial hair will soon populate every square inch of your face. We’re not kidding!

If you still used a razor, it would be getting
worn down every time you had to shave!

Lucky for you, razors are a thing of the past.

Otherwise, you’d have to spend a fortune buying new ones from some guy named Harry!

But our TBS  really know how to bring out the best in your body’s natural hair-growing abilities. What you may have thought was “lost” to bad genetics can actually be recovered through the use of the right special blend of natural ingredients!

Don’t just take our word for it, though.

Here are a few more of the wonderful things our uber-happy customers are saying about TBS…

One man wrote…

“This is a purchase I will never regret. The Ultimate Kit consists of a face wash, the gentleman's scruff balm, the day liquid gold tonic, the night liquid gold elixir, the scorched armor balm, and this really cool model V type comb. Also included in my routine is the hair softener which I purchased as soon as it was released. The struggle never dies. That’s why I love TBS . The struggle is real.”

Another happy chap chimed in…

“Everything is growing and feeling so much better after using your starter kit!”

Still another – Carlos V – reluctantly said…

“I waited a month before I wrote this review. I was skeptical at first. However, the product is everything described and more. My bald spots are filling in. I only wish I had found this product a lot earlier!”

That’s exactly what YOU will be saying
just a few short weeks from now.

We invite you to order your first kit – either the Ultimate Kit or the Starter Kit – and get yourself on the road to WINNING “the struggle” (as it’s called).

You CAN win this.

You CAN have ‘the look’ that makes you more distinctive and exceptional. If impressive individuality is what you want, that’s what you’ll get when you have facial hair that commands respect.

No more wimpy little strands like “Shaggy” from “Scooby Doo” – rot roe!

Forget about the kind of hair you had as a teenager, too. Now it’s time for MANLY fullness and density, the way nature intended.

TBS guarantees to deliver on these promises.

If you buy supermarket beard oils, good luck returning them if they don’t work. Ask for a refund, and they’ll probably look at you funny. Or laugh behind your back.

But not here.

We honor our commitment to your success.

And if one of our items doesn’t live up to your expectations – for ANY reason – all you have to do is notify us, and we will promptly issue a 100% refund of every penny you paid. Including shipping.

You could even return an EMPTY CONTAINER and we’d still give you a refund.

That’s how confident we are in the power formula.

You’ll experience this power firsthand the moment you use them.

Give us a couple week. That’s all we ask.

Go ahead and order The Ultimate Kit. Unbox it. Put it to the test by using it faithfully, as directed.

Then, after just the first 7 days, see if you’re not delighted with the difference you notice in the mirror and feel on your face.

You’ll soon have more confidence when you go out in public. In fact, you’ll start to look forward to dressing up and going out – especially if there’s a chance to meet that special someone.

Whatever image you have of yourself
will soon become a reality.

Your groomed forest of hair, sculpted to perfection, will be the center of attention and the topic of admirers’ conversation.

You won’t be able to escape the feeling of finally having that “power look” that sets you apart from every other guy in the room.

Like a martial arts master, you’ll walk into any room and immediately exude confidence – commanding the utmost respect, especially from the competition.

You’ll walk differently. Talk differently. Negotiate with strength and power. And flirt with the ladies like James Bond reincarnated!

It all comes from the power you’ll have
when you “Feast Your Face” on TBS .

That’s our new slogan: “Feast Your Face” – reminiscent of the Viking culture that’s built-in to our brand.

We’re men of courage… of truth… of honor… and conquest.

We don’t sit idly by and let chance rule our lives.

We make our destinies happen.

That’s why we control what happens on our face.

We groom our hair – we don’t let it rule us.

We know that our facial hair lets us project the personality we want others to see.

And that alone means more than all the other accessories a man must have when going into battle.

Your facial presentation is the most important on the list, by far.

For without a commanding presence, all the fancy suits and ties and shoes and cars won’t mean much at all.

How much do you invest in your accessories?

Devote just a fraction of that to your facial hair appearance – and watch how it will “leverage” all your other assets virtually overnight.

If you already have all the accouterments of success – the clothes, the cars, the condo on the beach, the boat, the ski lodge – and all you lack is a full face of proud, thick hair… then don’t despair.

The Utimate Kit (can be found in the shop section)

TBS is here to save the day!

All our customers rave over the power of our TBS .

We think you will, too.

Place your first Introductory Order today, while it’s on your mind.

We encourage you to order the Ultimate Kit. You get every single one of our amazing natural tools, but we throw in the Conditioner as a FREE BONUS!

That’s right – every Ultimate Kit contains a FREE Conditioner – which is the perfect complement to the Wash.

At only $119 (not $155),
this makes this deal highly irresistible!

You automatically SAVE $36 when you order The Ultimate Kit.

But if you pass this up, you will only be kicking yourself a month from now. You’ll still be fighting “the struggle” you’re fighting now – and not winning.

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We are for WINNERS, not whiners.

Which one are you?