Beat Hunger, Feed With Your Beard Challenge!


July 15, 2016

****Update 1710 meals have been donated so far, stay tuned for the next challenge****


June 1st, 2016

Today, the The Beard Struggle just hit 100,000 followers. To give back and reinforce our vision on making a positive difference in this world, we are proud to introduce to you our “Beat Hunger, Feed With Your Beard Challenge”.

Each week we will be announcing a fresh, new challenge and its requirements. Each challenge will be easy as sharing a post or moderately difficult as doing 10 push-ups without your beard touching the ground!

For each completed challenge , we will be donating 10 meals to a known charity 'No Kid Hungry. The Beard Struggle team salute each individual participating as we help change the world for the better.

You will be encouraged to complete each challenge to proceed onto the next.

We highly encourage you to take part in this challenge with your friends, family, work,cell mates (heck, anybody that's willing to support the cause! The more random the better!). In order to make this an exciting & engaging journey for our beard family,on completion of the 'Beat Hunger, Feed With Your Beard Challenge', individuals will be awarded shout-outs, free products and more!