Ask any bearded man what they rather like about themselves and more often than not they'll begin to voice the love they have for their glorious beard. Considering how long it can take to grow out your facial fluff it's completely understandable why we love them like we do! So, when beard trimming mistakes happen it may feel like the end of the world. (A little extreme I know, but it's true!)


First and foremost if a usually relaxed beard carving goes disastrously wrong the first thing you need to do is relax. If you begin to panic the chances are you are going to look for a quick fix solution, which in turn might make the first mistake even bigger. You see this happening a lot when a gentleman trims his mustache a little too short on one side in comparison to the other. The panic begins to set in and then we further the mistake by copying it on the other side of the 'tash. Remember, two wrongs rarely make a right. Keeping a relaxed approach will not only help you not further the mistake, but it'll also help you evaluate things much more rationally.

When I had my first trimming mistake my beard was cruelly snatched from my face. Quite literally! I've spoken about this in previous blog posts, but to cut things shorter (no pun intended!) I used a store brought beard trimmer on the highest length setting in order to just remove probably less than an inch or so from my beard length. Sadly, my new snazzy (or should I say not so snazzy!) trimmer had other plans, and in one foul swoop it had brutally whipped my beard off my chin in one ginormous pluck like motion. I began to panic after witnessing the damage in the mirror. Then tears came, yep full on gushing man tears began to fall from my once manly, now baby faced cheeks. My wife disapproved, my children disapproved, heck even my cat was having none of it! So, I had to start over from scratch. A clean shaven (or should I say plucked) face was all I was left with, and to this day I have never shaved again, nor will I ever.

If you've accidently put a bald spot in your beard ask yourself is it as noticeable to others as it is to you? As more often than not, it probably isn't! You only notice it so quickly because for one - it is your face, and for two - you did it! If you have enough beard to hide the bald spot until it begins to grow again then I'd suggest you do just that. If it is real obviously noticeable then you might want to rethink a new short-term style until your bigger beard style begins to fill out once more.

Another beard trimming accident that often happens is trimming your cheek line a little too low. I've seen this happen often within the bearding community, and in all honesty it's no biggie! Within less than a week you'll hardly notice your error in the first place, as your cheeks (face cheeks, not butt cheeks!) are one of the fastest growing areas of the face.

Trimming the moustache too short is another simple cock up to make. Going back to the previously given advice, take a moment to just relax. If you go at it like a bull seeing red you're likely to make a real pigs ear of things. But given just a few minutes or even moments to cool down you'll be better in your approach to rectify the problem. Not forgetting our range of premium beard oils and tonics help you improve your beard game whilst encouraging your beard hairs growth. If you haven't already then be sure to visit our online store and check out our customer reviews for yourself!

Well, that wraps things up for todays beard blog post. As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section kindly provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...