Your beard is in pretty good shape

Your beard could definitely be in much worse shape.. Read More

However, there is still room for improvement.

If you want a healthier, softer beard; then most likely your beard is currently atleast somewhat dry, damaged & not experiencing the growth it should be.

This is likely a result of many harmful factors in your environment, including pollutants and/or drug-store beard products.

To help combat this you need to start a beard care regimen that is designed to gently cleanse, moisturise deep inside the follicle, prevent against moisture loss & reduce inflammation.

Our complete range of specialized, natural beard care products can take your beard to the next level.

Your beard is in decent shape

Your Beard has seen better days, but it could see worse..  Read More

This is mainly because of the many harmful factors of the world today, including pollution and drug-store beard products.

Both of these factors wreak havoc on your beard in the long-run.

To help combat this you need to start a beard care regimen that is designed specifically to protect against stressors, gently cleanse, moisturise deep inside the follicle & prevent moisture loss.

The Beard Struggle's specialised formulas, packed full of 100% natural oils will have your beard looking healthier and feeling softer in no time.

Your beard seems to be in pretty bad shape

There is no doubt your beard could benefit from some intense TLC.Read More

Your beard's low health score is most likely caused by the many harmful elements spread out in our environment today.

Yes, genetics is an important contributing factor to your overall results. After all, no two humans are exactly identical.

For the most part, each one of us is the result of our ancestors and what kinds of bodies they had.

That’s why, to overcome whatever your “bad” genetics might be, you must start with a line of successful beard care blend designed specifically for growing out facial hair.

We’re talking about the full, enviable length and texture that can make a woman swoon.

You can’t get that way with normal “over-the-counter” brands. You need quality products like ours with specialized formulas, packed full of powerful, 100% natural oils.

Recommended products for a better beard

Everything you need to take your beard to the next level. Our products are formulated to promote healthy beard growth, eliminate beard-druff, reduce & prevent split ends; and will leave your beard feeling hydrated and smooth.

"After on a single use of beard wash and conditioner my beard felt noticeably softer. The day oil keeps beard from drying out during the day and beard balm keeps it in place. Definitely worth it. Will be buying it again."
-Michael C

Straighten your beard and create long-lasting style; keeping your beard looking tidy all day long. Use the integrated beard pick to add fullness and volume. Those curly, uncontrollable hairs don't stand a chance now!


"Warms up quickly enough but most importantly consistently across the whole brush head. Easy to hold in hand and a very good size. Feels robust , the materials are leaps and bounds ahead of others on the market. The blades are smooth through hair (beard hair and my long mane) I have only had to use it on its lowest heat setting so far even with my thick hair. My wife has tested it and was really impressed buly it's abilities on very long hair. Only thing I could ask to be different is the colour choices. Got the silver one which is very nice , I cannot deal with gold at all , other colours would be a nice option."
-Chris B

Perfect for new beards. Scruff balm has an ultra-light formula that won't weigh down your new beard. Night elixir keeps your beard soft, healthy and growing while you sleep. The brush helps to keep your beard free of tangles, naturally conditions and increases bloodflow to your face, promoting further growth.

"I’ve tried other beard products & none match up to the Beard Struggle. The Beard Struggle products leave my beard so soft & smooth. Not only that, no frizziness & the growth is unreal. My beard is the best it’s ever been thanks to The Beard Struggle. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to grow a Viking strong beard."
-Tyler C

Just the essentials. Balm locks in moisture & provides a light hold during the day. Beard oil keeps your beard soft, healthy & growing while you sleep. Beard wash creates a lavish lather that washes away any dirt or pollutants & brings softness and shine to your beard.