About Us

At The Beard Struggle, we are a brotherhood from all over the world. We encourage bearders and their admirers that wish to change the world. We are trying to create a movement. We are the struggle, we are the villains, and we are every movement supporting the freedom and growth of our beard culture.

The Beard Struggle is a celebration of facial fair and robust masculinity. We do not believe that a beard makes one a man. Masculinity is about growing in love, grace, self-sacrifice and service.

Beards have been brought back in a big way, but what I believe is returning to us is greater than that. We are bringing back a lifestyle that has been forgotten by man — a lifestyle that has been lost due to our lack of connection to our masculinity.

We would love to see another great era of the beard! Not a mere fad, but a generation of men who grow up and age well wearing the masculine mark.

Mission Statement and Vision

It all comes from the power you’ll have when you “Feast Your Face” on TBS .

That’s our new slogan: “Feast Your Face” – reminiscent of the Viking culture that’s built-in to our brand.

We’re men of courage… of truth… of honor… and conquest.

We don’t sit idly by and let chance rule our lives.

We make our destinies happen.

That’s why we control what happens on our face.

We groom our hair – we don’t let it rule us.

We know that our facial hair lets us project the personality we want others to see.

And that alone means more than all the other accessories a man must have when going into battle.

Your facial presentation is the most important on the list, by far.