Bearded Frights – Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for the Bearded Men

As more and more men have to decided to sprout the facial fuzz. It has become increasingly more prevalent to need to come up with ideas for Halloween costumes for bearded men. Maybe you already have a few ideas you are kicking around. However, if you need more inspiration look no further, The Beard Struggle has got you covered.

Costumes for Stubble & Stache or Short Beards

Costumes for Stubble and Stache or Short Beards

If your beard just is not that long for some of the obvious costume ideas try some of these out below.

Nordic Viking

Silent Bob

Jack The Ripper


Nordic Viking Costume

Silent Bob

Jack the Ripper Costume

Aquaman Costume

Costumes for Medium to Long Beards

Costumes for Medium to Long Beards

I used to think that there really were only three choices when it came to long beards. Because most people called me ZZ-Top and Duck Dynasty I really did not want to look the part. However, with some short browsing on the Internet, I found there are hundreds of costumes. Hope you agree. Check them out below.

Fidel Castro

Gandalf - Lord of the Rings

Willie - Duck Dynasty

Running Forest Gump

Fidel Castro Costume

Gandalf - Lord of the Rings

Willie - Duck Dynasty

Running Forest Gump Costume

How to Hide your Beard for Face Paint

Me as the Mad Hatter

A couple of years ago I wanted to go as the Mad Hatter. it was a success. I used a glue stick to cover up my beard and then apply face makeup. it worked out very well. here is the tutorial I used to apply my makeup.

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