A new study (Yep, yet another one of those 'studies!') has suggested us bearded Gentlemen are actually a lot more likely to be dangerous in comparison to our clean shaven boy faced fellow counterparts.

The study was performed by the social media video app known as Eva, which apparently suggests a strong link between having a beard and cheating, fighting and even stealing! In the survey concluded between 2000 British men, of which 25 percent had beards admitted to engaging in fighting as opposed to just 29 percent of naked-faced ones. A whopping 40 percent also admitted to cheating on their other halfs, compared to a small 17 percent of clean shaven blokes. Finally, 40 percent of beardy's admitted to petty stealing, in comparison to only 17 percent of naked boy-like faces.

So, taking all of these stats and figures into consideration it appears we are out for trouble! Penny for my thoughts here?

If you ask me the science behind the madness seems pretty clear for all to see... All of us bearded bad asses are secretly longing to be Pirates! Bear with me here... Our beards unlock our Pirate spirits that can only be unearthed deep within our beards itching to get out! Think about it for a moment. Pirates were bearded (Well, the best ones were at least!) and would travel from Island to Island on their trusty (and often stolen!) sea ships seeking out beautiful women at each shore, forever searching for the perfect booty! I'm referring to Pirates treasure here, obviously! (Your mind is so corrupt!)

Now, I am not suggesting you grow out the perfect pirate beard-mane and take to the seven seas to start wreaking havoc across the land. But these studies pop up every so often, sometimes a little too often if we're totally honest, that seem to like to deem our beards as bad news. If it isn't the 'poop in beards' story respawning on our social media timelines week in week out it’s the long winded conviction that women love/hate the rugged bearded look. Chop away all the surveys and studies and you'll find it all comes down to personal preference for each individual. Fact.

So, in short if you are happy with your fuzzy beard mane be it long and wild or short and stubbly then continue to enjoy your bearded journey, Brother.

Well, that wraps up another post for todays beard blog. Let us know your thoughts, comments and questions in the treasure box below!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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