The Ulfberht Heated Beard Comb

During the Viking age, "Ulfberht", a Viking trademark was given to only the best of Viking swords. That is where The Beard Struggle drew its inspiration. This Heated Beard Brush lives up to its name. It was built by men who have beards for men with beards. So, they understand your plight.

The Features

Ulfberht Heated Beard Comb

This Heated beard comb is packed with tons of features in mind. These features were conceived due to shared experiences of every bearded man out there.

No Messy Cords

Heated Beard Comb Power Supply

The first thing I like about this comb is how portable it is. No messy cords to untangle. I can definitely relate to that. You know how many times I have had to order new Beard Oil because my Blow-dryer cord knocked over and spilled $15 to $20 down the drain? Too many, that is the truth.

Easy to Use Functions

Heated Beard Comb Easy to Use Functions

You ever buy a product and feel like you need a College degree just to be able to use it? What am I asking; of course, you have. Well, this is not the case. The Ulfberht Heated Beard Comb has three buttons:

  • Power On/Off
  • Temperature Up
  • Temperature Down

Portable and Sleek Design

Portable and Sleek Design

Ulfberht Heated Beard Comb is cordless as we have already discussed. However, it is designed using a USB to charge it. Which means if you have a computer, or a portable battery pack, or a USB plugin adapter you can charge this brush. Which means you can charge it anywhere, using almost anything. It has a non-bulky sleek design. Whereas, a blow-dryer is clunky and bulky and does not travel well. Ulfberht Heated Beard Comb also comes with a sleek carrying pouch which makes it easy to pack away as well as protect it from grit, grime, and debris that may damage the comb or the comb bristles.

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