How To Fix A Patchy Beard: A Fool Proof Guide

Around here, the one topic that always comes up is “How To Fix a Patchy Beard.”

We get this question all the time. Guys want to know what they can do if they’ve got “trouble spots” or bare spots on their face. After all, it’s a dead giveaway if you can’t produce the goods.

What should you do? The answer is really quite simple: With the right facial skin and hair treatments, anyone with a credit card can now coax hair growth out of their genetics and FIX those trouble spots, once and for all.

It’s NOT a hopeless scenario. Not by a long shot. The good news is…

How To Fix A Patchy Beard

You do not have to be a victim of your genes!

Yes, most of our facial hair is determined by our genetics. Whatever was common among your ancestors has a tendency to show up in your body, too.

However, even if you’ve seen old photos or personally know the people in your family tree who lack facial hair, don’t worry.

Now you can use our specially-formulated products that are designed with the latest natural botanicals and other growth-inducing elements found to be very useful for those who desire a full growth of facial hair.

Proven by time.

Over time, the ingredients in our formulas have proven themselves – not just because of our customers have had enormous success with them, but because they have worked for centuries before we ever came along!

We simply did our homework and discovered what ingredients have always been proven to work throughout the history of man.

Once we learned about all this great stuff and how effective it was, we made sure we put all those incredible ingredients into our facial hair products.

And you know what?

They work like magic!

No really. This is like MAGIC. 

And since you have to “see it to believe it” – we’re going to make you a special offer at the end of this article. So stay tuned.

You will be able to PROVE this claim to yourself AT OUR RISK, not yours.

In fact, it really doesn’t matter where you’re at in your quest.

If you’re currently struggling with light growth… fuzziness… patches that won’t fill in… or any other kind of dissatisfaction in your quest for the ultimate “man mane” – then you owe it to yourself to check out the specialized products I’m talking about here.

Slow, uneven growth will soon be a thing of the past. You just use our “fix it” products, and your struggles will be over!

No more “stressing out” about “filling out.”

No more looking or feeling inadequate.

No more self-conscious days or nights, “wishing” your hair would sprout.

Now you can obtain the exact level of hair density – per square inch – that you’ve always wanted.

More hair per square!

With our products, you will ultimately get “more hair per square” than you have now.

That’s a promise. And one that we can BACK UP with our enormous file cabinets full of user testimonials and success stories.

After all, we don’t have to “prove” anything anymore.

We let our products do all the talking.

Because once you try them, you’ll immediately notice how fast they go to work.

It won’t be “overnight” or anything like that. But damn close!

Within a week, your trouble spots won’t be so much “trouble” anymore! You’ll see hair growth where you only saw NAKED SKIN before!

And best of all, this won’t be ‘wimpy’ hair. This will be…

Hair you can count on!

No “weak”, “fine” or “new” hair – you know, that “barely there” hair.

No. This will be MANLY, thick, bold hair – the kind you want all over your face!

It’s the kind women will take a second look at. And admire. And want to run their fingers through.

The kind you really want but haven’t been able to achieve.

The answer is in the ingredients.

And the ingredients we put into all our TBS products are exactly what’s needed for impressive growth were you need it most.

These are topical products – the kind you put on your skin, directly.

Despite what you see advertised in the media, there really are no “magic pills” you can swallow with your morning orange juice that will make your hair grow. Those pills mess with your testosterone levels. That can’t be good.

Why try to reduce your testosterone? Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of being a full-growth man?

You’re here to look macho, not metro!

Let the other guys take those pills that mess with their testosterone levels. We’ll leave them to their soy milk latte grande – and we’ll run the other way!

Yes, some people get results from manipulating their male hormones – but they LOSE THEIR MOJO in the process!

Is that what YOU want?

We didn’t think so.

That’s why we recommend ONLY using the topical products that we offer here.

Our perfect balance of ingredients simultaneously helps you with…

  • cleaning…
  • moisturizing…
  • rejuvenating…
  • enhancing… and
  • strengthening

Remember: All FIVE elements must be present in your personal grooming habits.

And that’s why we designed all of our products to help you give your face and hair what it ultimately wants and needs for maximum growth.

In no time, your “face forest” will not only take on the SHAPE you want, but you’ll also have the ‘dapper’ look you’re trying to achieve.

After all, nothing sets a man apart like the striking appearance of a fully-grown, mature “frame” of hair as your first impression.

Walk into any room, and every head turns.

When women look at you, their eyes linger. They’re admiring your look. And you admire back.

Unfortunately, nothing says “WEAK!” like a bare spot – usually on the side, on your cheek or just under your jaw line.

It’s often invisible to you, if you look straight on. But turn your head from side to side, or check yourself in a mirror, and you can see it like a flashing red light, calling attention to itself.

Walk into the same room with a weak spot, and no eyes linger. No heads turn.

Listen: You work so hard on getting your facial hair the way you want it. And then that one bald spot – afraid to sprout the hairs you need – spoils everything.

But thanks to the products we proudly carry, those days of worry and stress are over.

Now you can coax hair growth out of those stubborn spots!

“Trouble spots” are just nature’s way of saying that you’re not getting enough of the ingredients that make your facial hair grow in.

It’s almost like “nagging” – but it’s more like “triggering” your hair growth.

And our products – properly applied through focused, regular massage of the oils into the skin – spark that “triggering” action deep inside the hair follicle foundation.

Once the nutrients are inside there, things happen. Naturally. You don’t need to mess with your testosterone to get the same effect.

You can simply “coax” the hair growth right where you need it.

Trying to “clear” your DHT (the testosterone hormone) can have negative effects in all other areas of your body that depend on testosterone.

Don’t risk your health!

It’s not worth it to ‘manipulate’ your most important male hormone – especially not if you’re still a young man and still want to have children and a normal life.

Only a “quick fix” snake oil salesman will give you a “pill” that messes with your testosterone.

We refuse to play that game – which is why all TBS products are natural and safe to use.

We source all our oils from reputable, reliable producers who use only organically-grown crops as the base of their oils. Old-fashioned techniques of pressing the oils far outperform modern “synthetic” methods of production.

This, it turns out, makes a HUGE difference in the results you get.

It seems that without the “essence” of the oil’s constituent plant source – again, carefully preserved through old-fashioned pressing operations – you would only have a second-rate oil.

That’s what you’ll find in less-expensive, mass-marketed products.

But at TBS, we don’t skimp. We don’t cut corners. We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

And yet, our products are still remarkably affordable for the avid connoisseur who believes in investing in himself.

If that’s you, we know you’ll delight in every one of our beard care products.

And if you take our advice on how to get the most out of your quest for the perfect hair growth – and yes, that includes getting more exercise every day and eating a nutritionally-balanced diet – then you will have no problem achieving the final results you’re after.

     It won’t take a lot of time, either.

A consistent, dedicated regimen of using TBS will totally enhance your image – from your appearance to your personality.

There’s no substitute for giving your body what it WANTS.

And since the essence of hair growth is in the skin where the hair grows out of, that’s the area you want to concentrate on.

If you suffer from or struggle with those bare spots we’ve been talking about, try TBS products to get the fullest effect of what your body is capable of.

This is what will give you the advantage over every other guy out there. Not that it’s a competition. But hey, who wants to be known as the guy with the bare spots?

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