It is a well known fact that every bearded Gentleman loves his facial forest. It takes time, care and a whole lot of patience to reach our bearded goals when first setting out on our facial forest growing journey. But would you be willing to pay tax on your face fluff if you were ordered to by law? Well, that is exactly what one British barber is trying to impose...

Barber, Antony Kent from Worcester, England has officially began calling for a new 'beard tax' order to (in his own 'wise' words) 'ensure fairness' between those with beards in comparison to those without.

The naked faced barber first became inspired after discovering that King Henry VIII had in place a similar tax over five centuries ago and after intelligently noticing that beards are increasingly on the rise in popularity he is now in the well into the process of taking his slightly outdated plans to the British government.

Speaking to his local news station Anthony Kent went on to explain - 'I noticed that people were growing beards and I was thinking....well, why? I just found it quite fascinating to see how the fashion has changed. So I thought it would be a good idea. I was fascinated by the fact they had to carry a 'beard tax token' with them to prove they had paid the [beard] tax.'

But taxing beards in the year of 2016? Seriously? Could we ever see this actually happen? In this day and age I very much doubt so! But maybe the real reason Mr Kent wants the government to exploit such nonsense could be much clearer than we first thought. At the age of 48 Anthony openly admits he is not a fan of beards as he in fact struggles to grow one of his own. Maybe we could hook him up with some much needed tonics and oils along side a little soild advice to put a end to his 'Beard Struggle' once and for all!

If the city you live in were to impact such a law would you be willing to cough up the cash? or would you axe off your beloved facial forest? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...