For many years and within many professions beards have often been frowned upon within the workplace. Although times are slowly changing for the better our facial forests have been looked down upon for supposedly creating a certain unwanted impression. Fortunately in recent years there has been an increasing number of professions that have loosened their approach to facial hair in the workplace, However, there remain some companies that still refuse to budge even in the slightest on their rules and regulations in banning the beard. Certain career paths will never alter their rules almost as if they are set in stone forever more. But for some of you we have a small collection of solid tips to help get the conversation rolling with your boss about your desire to grow out your beard.

Firstly, the best way to display your disapproval about such rules against beards is to first try and get a better understanding behind their ruling in the first place. Beards at work are still sadly stereotypically viewed as making a man's appearance appear scruffier and unprofessional in comparison to a clean shaven gent. With this mindset comes a whole host of other nonsense reasonings. A certain American based delivery company which we will not name, so instead we shall title them USP have a strict policy which forbids any of their staff who work face to face with it's customers from having any form of facial hair. This policy landed them in deep waters last year after one of their employees complained and filed a religious discrimination suit against the company.

Whether you’ve only just began to let your facial stubble grow out or you’ve decided to embrace a beard following a short out of work vacation, the smartest way to avoid any awkward meetings with your management team which could possibly lead into you being asked to clean shave is to keep the new facial fuzz as clean and well groomed as you possibly can. Although It is highly tempting to let your glorious beard mane flourish into the wild beard it so longs to be, a sudden unexpected change in appearance in inevitably going to get you the wrong kind of attention from your boss. So taking things slowly could be the key to your new beards success. Keep it trimmed short to begin with as well as fresh and clean as this will display to your boss that you know what you're doing in regards to keeping things in good shape. Overtime who knows, your employers may even warm to the idea of beards in the work place. It really does differ from work place to work place. Hell, you might be one of the lucky ones where whatever you decide to grow on your chops means nothing to your management team, It really is a matter of opinion.

No Shave November can be a great platform to get others into your way of thinking. Encouraging your fellow work colleagues to grow out a little facial fluff for charity doesn't only make for an outstandingly good deed cause, but who knows. You might even have some of them grow rather attached to a new furry faced look. With whatever approach you take be sure to keep calm at all and polite wherever you can. Even if you hear something you totally disagree with. If you're trying to express your points of view that you feel so passionately about it's always a great start to hear out your opposing sides points of view too. And if you've gave it your everything and nothing seems to be working I guess it's either your beard or your working position. And only you my friend know the answer to that unforgiving puzzle.

And that wraps up another beard blog for today my friends. As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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