Whenever I visit my local convenience store or supermarket (or as you fine Americans would say 'Mall.') I usually find myself quickly passing by the male grooming aisle. Now this is not because of the fact I don't care for grooming products. In fact, it's the total opposite. I often pass by the aisle simply because all the shelves seem to be filled with are razors, shaving gels, face creams and many other beard murdering equipment to further support the axing off of a man's facial forestry.

As a kid I was raised within a family who until me, had never had a family member who had grown a full beard. Or at least as both myself and my mother can remember. I had a small family unit which consisted of two Brothers, me being the middle son of three. A typical Mum and Dad and siblings setup. I was fortunate enough to live real close by to my Grandparents who lived just a stones throw away. A strict Irishman was my Grandad. A firm but fair kind of fellow. My Nan was made of gold, literally. A little Irish lady who never seen the bad in anybody whilst always treating the people she met just how she wished to be treated herself. They had a huge influence on my upbringing as both my Nana and Grandad contributed to many of my fondest childhood memories. I can still recall the first conversation my Grandad had with me about shaving. I must have been no older than 13 maybe 14 when he vocally highlighted the little bit of light blonde 'fluff' I had grown on my chin, lower lip and sideburns. ''You'll have to take a razor to that soon my son.'' He said. It was common knowledge back then that facial hair was considered 'scruffy' and 'untidy'. At this point me still being a youngster I had little to no desire to grow a beard. Heck, I was too busy playing Power Rangers (Me being the Red Ranger!) to give much thought on growing anything other than my ever expanding collection of super hero action figures. It was in fact my Grandad that purchased me my first razor and shaving foam. He would try and encourage me to shave and showed me the ropes as a young teenager. My Nana would give him hell for it, mind. (Hell might be the worst possible word to have used, seeing as they were both church goers.) ''Leave the poor boy alone will your Frank!'' she would shout ''He has plenty of time to be all grown when he is grown!'' My Nan would continue.

Since the days of my childhood many things have changed. Some for the better, some not so much. Sadly neither my Nana or Grandad are with us anymore. Their passing has left a huge void in my life, as now I'm all grown up and have a beautiful wife and three children of my own I would have loved nothing more than for them to have been a part of it all. Times have certainly changed. Beards are officially booming. But the products in the male grooming aisle do not seem to represent the growth (excuse the pun!) of the evolution of beards as a whole. You'll find every product known to man in order to help him 'murder' away a glorious beard mane and any proof that it ever existed. But you'll struggle to find a single product that supports your beards growth and well-being.

But why? Why don't such companies have a better understanding and vision when it comes to a man and his beard? I guess it all boils down to business. I still feel after all these years that many people view the beard boom as nothing more than a trend that will be soon to pass. Well, how wrong are they I say! Before my beard I used to always be goofing around with my hair. From my Eminem bleach bottle blonde days (Yes, that actually happened. Nope you may not see the pictures.) to being the fool with the bright red bottle dyed hair sitting up in class. Now, although this was to spark a shocking reaction on the most part, it was also because I didn't have an image I was happy with. I never followed the crowd, and to this day I still prefer to go against the grain rather than with it. After all it's no fun to blend in now is it?

But then later down the line I began my beard growing journey. At first it was a little bit of fun and again to cause a typical 'WTF!' reaction. And that it sure did. Then overtime I began to respect the image I was now portraying. I actually liked the look my beard gave me as a individual, in turn making me a whole bunch more confident in myself. What I am trying to get across is to anyone who views our beards as nothing more than a silly phase that will soon pass. You're wrong, as any bearded gent would rightfully agree.

Thankfully good people like ourselves here at 'The Beard Struggle' have you covered. We only supply the best products available on the planet, as we continue to find new and innovative ways as we continue to support every man and his awesome beard throughout your growing journey. But hey, don't just take my word for it. Visit our exclusive online store and read our bearded Brothers feedback. Here you'll find anything and everything you could possibly need to keep your beard at the top of it's game. If you haven't done so already then be sure to check in with us soon, as I can 100% promise you'll not be disappointed.

Well, that sees another beard blog come to an end for today folks. As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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