Another beard craze has hit the internet to go along side the 'Beard Flip.' This time you'll not find yourself searching out a swimming pool to capture the magic. All you will need is your very own proudly grown facial forest and a good quality camera. And well, that's pretty much it really! Beardies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you what the interwebs is calling the #BeardsFromBelow craze...

If you're anything like me you'll first question what you see before your eyes, and this is only to be expected as it can be somewhat confusing for your mind to first comprehend these selfie snaps which will often need a double-take.

Bearded men are now taking pictures of themselves from below the chin line whilst looking up, resulting in what can only be described as a startling result of rather humorous photos. These selfies are then hitting various social media outlets under the smartly named (yet somewhat obvious) hashtag of #BeardsFromBelow.

Just overnight these photos have been coming in thick and fast, with more than one hundred and eighty photo uploads clocked on Instagram alone. Now let's be honest, it doesn't take much convincing for a bearded Gent to jump in front of a camera and show off their glorious beard-manes, so it is with little to no surprise that this trend has landed with such a bang on Instagram, Twitter and now Facebook. Depending on the size of the beard the ears are often hidden completely or appear as if they have fallen off and then been superglued back onto the head incorrectly. It is safe to say not everyone is digging this new social media buzz, with many folks leaving shocked and horrified reactions in the photos comments section of the uploads.

Big bushy beards that hide the ears all together portray a completely different image altogether, as the neck visually works as a face with some uploaders becoming creative, adding googly eyes are even spectacles! (Bravo! 10 out of 10 for your creativity!) with the beard perfectly sitting on top like a full head of hair on your head. I am not sure if I should laugh or cry as some of them look truly terrifying! Although, any kind of internet wizardry that involves beards, I'm totally game for.

So, will you be participating in the latest beard craze known as #BeardsFromBelow? Or would you rather this one pass as fast as possible in fear of having continuous nightmares long after this trend has passed? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments section provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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