The Beard Struggle team would like to wish all our bearded Brothers and beardy admirers a very happy new year for 2016! May your beards continue to flourish into the lion manes you so rightfully deserve to sport!

With a new year often follows a host of new years resolutions. Some of the most common ones being to join a gym and lose a little of that festive weight, to cut down on the booze is another i hear very often. Giving up smoking sparks up alot too! A new career path is often on peoples agenda at the start of a new year. Have you made any this year? Me? I've chosen not to set anything in stone this year. And why? Because i only live to later regret the broken new years resolutions of the years that have past previous. Instead of setting myself unkept and sometimes unrealistic goals I've chosen to continue working hard at the things i already enjoy in my life. Not just in my work but also my own hobbies and interests, whilst spending more quality time with my wife and children. These being the smaller things that can often become overlooked and easily sidelined in our day to day living. I'm learning to let go of the negatives that may have happened or do happen in our lives. Use them as a learning curve and try to move forward into a more positive; brighter future.

It can prove easier to stick to the safety of what we know. We all follow daily routines even if we don't initially set out to do so. The unknown can prove to appear a little daunting and somewhat off putting. But I'm a firm believer that life is to be lived. If the path you walk is one you enjoy then continue to walk it proudly. If not worry not, just rethink your route. Now i understand this weeks blog is borderlining a session with a councillor. But I just wanted to share a little upbeat thought and consideration as we start another new year. As always keep your beard game growing strong in 2016! That's a new years resolution must! And thank you for taking the time to read!

Until next time. Beard on Brothers, beard on...

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