In recent blog posts I've occasionally expressed the importance of looking after that face (Yep, It's under there somewhere!) hidden beneath your marvel of a beard. Well, today I wanted to delve a little deeper into the importance of looking after your skin below the fuzzy gruff, and what the benefits in doing so will have to your beards success.

Before a single hair had ever sprouted upon that face of yours, your facial skin was pure, clean and healthy. Then when puberty and hormones begin to kick in and hair follicles begin to grow it can be a rather tough transition for your skin to make. That's why in your teens you might have experienced spots, blemishes and rashes more frequently than you'd have cared for.

When you first set out on growing out your beard you probably gave little to no thought for the face below the fuzz, but keeping your skin as healthy as can be will only further improve your beards growth and well being. Treat your face like a vegetable patch for a moment if you will. (Now, I'm not suggesting you're a potato, or any other vegetable for that matter!) If you happen to be a little green fingered you'll appreciate the following statement. When you first start out growing your own veggie patch it's important to make sure your ground soil you use is rich, healthy and packs all the goodness it needs to grow strong, tasty vegetables within it. Well, your face and beard work in a similar fashion, and by keeping the skin clean, vibrant and healthy you're granting your facial forest every advantage to succeed and grow out to its absolute fullest.

If you have ever experienced beard dandruff, or as I prefer to call it 'beardruff' you'll understand how unbelievably annoying this can be, as not only is it a rather unsightly sight but it also adds to the dreaded 'beard itch' which often leads to other skin complications. Red itchy skin rashes are easily formed by scratching a little too long on a certain area for a small amount of time, which can take a little while to dry and heal over. But rather than continue to talk about all the nasties, let's discuss what actions you can take to prevent such troublesome areas from forming in the first place.

First up, if you're suffering from any of the above named issues try not to worry. These problems are rather common and can be easily fixed given a little extra time and extra TLC. Of course the better option is to try and prevent such issues from forming in the first place, but on the flipside these issues can arise very quickly, giving the unlucky beholder little to no opinion to stop them dead in their tracks.

The main cause of skin irritation and 'beardruff' is lack of hydration to the beard and skin which causes skin dryness. As soon as your beard begins to feel dry and weak it is important to use a good quality beard oil or balm. As if the beard is dry, the skin hidden beneath is guaranteed to also be in desperate need of hydration. Using any of our 'TBS' premium range will grant you a healthier well nourished beard as well as helping your face remain moisturised and healthy throughout the day.

Onece you find a routine that works well for you, it is of key importance to stick with it. When leading a busy lifestyle it can be easy to fall into bad habits whilst forgetting to pay attention to your beards wellbeing. But the benefits you'll have from forming a solid routine and sticking with it are highly beneficial to both your beard and your face.

Keeping both your beard and face clean and dirt free is equally important to keep things running smoothly, and using beard shampoo and conditioner is something I can't suggest enough. People often opt in for using the same shampoo they use on their head hair upon the beard as well, which in my experience is a huge NO NO. The reason being is the shampoo and conditioners created for the hair on your head are often created using much harsher chemicals. Beard hair is very different from head hair, and requires softer ingredients to help keep your beard rich and healthy without causing unnecessary damage.

So in short, remember to treat your beard as frequently as it needs to a high quality beard oil/balm, wash your beard with the correct beard wash rather than your usual hair shampoo, and in doing so your beard and face that lays below will thank you for it!

In the meantime if you have any thoughts, comments or questions please leave us a message in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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