With the recent green light shown in the Navy that allows women to wear ponytails and long hair, men have now voiced their desires to grow out facial hair if they wish to do so.

The Navy announced last week that servicewomen could sport ponytails, longer than before hairstyles, wider hair buns, of which formerly would have been banished.

Many servicemen immediately chimed in on social media, asking the US Navy to rethink the current standing on growing a beard whilst in the Navy, as the hashtag #WeWantBeards began to circulate on social media.

Beards of all shapes, styles, and sizes were first banned way back in 1984, as the Navy wanted a more polished professional look of sailors who could wear firefighting masks and other apparatus' without facial hair interference.

As things currently stand the Navy still stands by such rulings, but with the rules being recently tailored to female grooming standards many hope beards will seek the same approval.

A naval security officer named Travis Rader suggested beards could help to boost morale for serving men, much as approving ponytails in the Navy has for women.

Speaking to the Time he added - 'You take something away from somebody, and they only want it more.'

The Navy first announced its approval of female grooming options during a Facebook Live event, on..you guessed it...FACEBOOK!

The live stream went onto spark many comments during the event in regards to facial hair growth in the Navy, which is where hashtags were quickly created by the viewers, in support of the opposed changes.

Many suggested a well-groomed beard can look professional, many of these comments came from serving Military themselves.

Whilst we don't think we shall see facial hair being approved overnight, it is promising that something might give in the future due to demand. Safety concerns will, of course, continue to be the primary concern, but small changes could be made to help better serve men who sport facial hair growth.

As always we want to know what you think of the possible changes? Is this something you approve or disapprove of? Could a man sporting a majestic beard be something you could see happening in the near future?

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And until next time, Beard on Brothers...


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