Good day my fellow beardsmen and readers of our beard blog! Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to address the fact that I AM BACK!

Thank you to those who tracked me down on my social media platforms to ask why I had been missing in action on these very blog pages in recent months. Please allow me to give a little backstory to what's been happening for me in the year of 2018 so far...

Right before christmas I noticed I had began to see eye floaters within my line of sight, I chose to ignore them and wrongly assumed they would clear on their own given a little time and some rest away from my busy life schedule. Sadly things did not improve, and only got worse as the weeks past. Then days before christmas I woke one morning to find I had almost lost complete vision in my left eye.

Not wanting to be a 'party pooper' and spoil my families holiday festivities I decided to sit quiet, still secretly hoping things would correct given a little more time and rest. Then on boxing day I finally spoke with my wife about what had been going on, who then demanded I go see the eye doctor to get a clearer picture on what was going on with my health.

After numerous hospital appointments I discovered I had suffered a severely detached retina, which would require immediate surgery in order for the doctors to try and save what vision I had remaining. My right eye, of which I thought was doing just fine was also beginning to show signs of a similar fate, so the doctors decided to act fast to patch things up on both eyes.

Many months have since passed, and unfortunately I haven't been able to regain much vision from my left eye, and continued check ups at the hospital will have to follow for the foreseeable future in order to keep a watchful eye on things, for a poor choice of words. Given my vision failure and poor health I had little to no choice other than to reluctantly step away from the TBS blog, but I sure have missed you all, hence why my return has finally arrived!

Today I wanted to lightly discuss a few pointers I've heard of, tried and tested myself, then learned in order to help provided your face fur with the best possible start and maintenance in order to provide a thicker, fuller appearance beard.

So, without any further delay and the chance of me waffeling off subject anymore, let us begin today's blog, smartly titled Tips And Tricks In Order To Produce A Thicker Beard In Only Weeks...


First things first, taking your time and letting your face fur grow is possibly the most obvious pointer you'll need to follow. But more often than not when people struggle to grow, it's usually because they are overly fussing their new face whiskers, when in truth, you should be sitting back, dealing with the itch and letting your whiskers flourish out in good time.

Don't fall for the old trick of shaping and trimming your fuzz too soon, it'll not make your length appear any bigger or fuller on the eye, and yes I am still talking facial hair here, let's keep things clean. It is said that if you line your facial hair it can define its appearance, when in truth all you'll really be doing is making your beard growing task all the more trickier for yourself.


I've seen numerous men choose to colour their beards in order to give a more distinctive look to their face fuzz. Whilst this can actually work, please note that in doing so this could prove rather tricky to disguise. So if you were looking for a more subtle way of achieving your goals this probably is not the route you'll want to take.

Many men choose to dye their beards for a whole host of reasons. If their grey begins to show, for a new look and change, or to make the beard appear fuller and somewhat thicker, and this can work wonders for many. But shifting out a colour you might not be too happy with can be rather testing,Whilst many beard dyes will wash away in time, the darker the dye the tougher it can be to wash out again.


You can train your beard to sit how you wish as soon as it begins to reach only a couple of inches in length. This can be done with the helping hand of some beard oils and/or balms a handy beard comb. If left to its own devices my ginger beard really has a mind of its own and will grow any which way it sees fit. So I train this to follow my jawline, adding a little balm and oil as I go.

Following that you stick with this and don't skip doing so you'll soon achieve a fuller, thicker appearance in a matter of weeks, if not months.


When we find routines that work for us it can prove rather easy to fall into a tired out somewhat repetitive routine, one of which we can often slack on following every now and again. The same applies for our beard care routines. And skipping one too many days can be real negative to your facial hair growing game and wellbeing.

Now, I know having a lazy weekend after a hectic week is almost as aptising as 'Netflix and Chill' (isn't that what all the cool kids say nowadays?) Never forget that your face gruff relies on you and you alone to take jolly good care of it.

And providing your whiskers with a generous helping of a premium balm and oil will help keep things in top shape, protecting you from the chances of high volumes of split ends, knotted tangled hairs and dry brittle hair growth.

That wraps up today's blog, as ever I fully urge you to get in touch over on our social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and please leave a cheeky comment or two and let us know what you think! We're always open to your comments and questions so please, don't be shy!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers...

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