Things to know before you beard – A Newbies Guide to a Better Beard


I remember when I first heard this phase about how the art of waiting can make even the most sophisticated of dreams seem attainable.  

I was in 7th grade History and my Teacher at the time quoted something that has stuck with me to this day.

He spoke how active persistence would help me to learn. He entertained how patience would help to steady the course and help to restrain us from getting discouraged when results did not appear instantly or without effort.

The phrase when like this, “Good things come to those who wait”.

So simplistic, yet, this simple phrase captivated me in a way that would forever define every endeavor for the rest of my life. Patience! Every man, before he attempts to grow a beard, should know that a beard will take time, patience, and dedication. I mean, there is an art to growing a beard, as well as maintaining one. Growing a beard is an exercise of restraint. In today's day and age every man wants what he wants, and he wants it right now. However, Beards are the exception. Patience will get you through the itchy phase and for the younger men or men who are growing a beard for the first time, the patchy phase.

“Good things come to those who wait"

Your face will itch

The Itchy Beard

You need to understand, before you grow a beard, your face will itch.  Knowing this before you undertake this endeavor will help you to exercise some restraint while you begin your journey of growing a beard.  It may be equally important to note that in growing a beard, can help you to exercise restraint in other areas of your life as well. As most men who have already grown a sizable beard can attest, this is just part of the bearded life. Think of this as a rite of passage to bearded manliness.

Now, that does not mean you have suffer needlessly. There are some tricks and tips that can alleviate most, if not all the beard itch. I would suggest to those who are about to embark on this journey to invest in some beard products. Beard oil would be a good start and can help in a few ways. It will keep your skin from drying out. Plus, the oils are full of things you may have been neglecting to give to your body anyhow. Did you know that your skin can actually absorb certain forms of compounds? Well you do now. With that said, the oils are full of those too. Things like Omega3 and Vitamin E.

Exercise Good Hygiene

Wash your Face

Part of growing a good beard is to wash your face daily. This will help to keep the pores free of dirt and debris. Additionally, you may have overlooked this aspect, however, washing your face is also intricately tied to shaving. Think about it, you apply shaving cream on your face, you then shave the whiskers off. What did you do after that? You rinsed your face with water and followed it with an astringent to clear and close your pores.

Do not touch your beard

Do Not Touch Your Beard

You are going to want to scratch, rub, and claw your face to death at times because of how much it itches or irritates. Exercise your restraint and leave it alone. You are also going to want to touch it up, or line it in some way. However, it is best to resist shaping it until you have more hair to work with, as this will give you more insight into what it will look like. Not heeding this can lead to over-shaping your beard. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to wait at least four weeks before even considering taking scissors to it.

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