It seems that 'No Shave November' is for everyone who is willing to take part in such an occasion, including the Royal Family, as Prince Harry sported a ginger face full of stubble at this year's Remembrance sunday parade. But not many folks were too pleased with him doing so, suggesting the young Royal may have been in breach of breaking a few informative rules by doing so.

33 year old Prince harry who retired from active service two years ago prompted heavy criticism after it was said facial hair wasn't permitted for such an occasion, whilst donning military attire. 

Harry appeared at the public parade dressed smartly in his military uniform of a senior blue and royals officer during the ceremony last Sunday, which royally pissed off some, including serving members of the regiment. Reported by one serviceman was quoted saying - ''Prince Harry is letting us all down. There is no place for beards (facial hair) in the Queen's cavalry, he should have shaved it off for such an important day.''

But after a little research I can confirm Prince Harry was NOT breaking any military ruling by growing and keeping his red beard for remembrance sunday, in fact, quite the opposite.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson told the press that everything was aboveboard, suggesting Harry was within his right to do so, saying - ''I can confirm that Prince Harry is no longer a serving officer and therefore does not have to comply with any of these rules and regulations. He is however a member of the Royal Family, and at time his duties will require him to don the uniform of a tied or associated regiment and does so with a beard, as did his great great grandfather before him.'' 

After a quick flick of the history books you can see King George V also sported a smart beard whilst in his regiment uniform. There are also historical images of the former King of England growing and maintaining a dapper beard during the majority of the time he served in the armed forces in the early 1900's.

I must say the social media storm this caused on recent days does seem rather petty and somewhat a 'sticks and stones' argument to be had in the first place. Growing a beard (within reason) in many career paths should remain optional to the individual, but what do you guys think?

Should Prince Harry have shaved for such an occasion? Or do people need to relax a little and stop complaining? As always let us know what you think in the comments section you'll see provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...  

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