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I have to admit, I do rather love the internet, it is like taking a blind lucky dip of humour, madness, dumb cat videos and giggles all rolled up in a bread roll for your eyes to digest upon.

My email inbox is a rather busy place filled with numerous comments, questions, and queries with just about every beard related content you could ever imagine.

This morning one story was shared with me by a fellow friend via Twitter, which tickled me so much that I had to share this with you.

So, let's begin today's blog without any delay, which is titled - Odd Police E-fit Shows A ''Fake Bearded'' Man Is Wanted For Questioning...

The above headline might have slightly confused you, as it most certainly did me to begin with. But it seems a local hoodlum has decided to cause havoc in Barnsley, UK, wearing what appears to be a rather shifty disguise, a fake red beard, and purple hoodie.

Now, We've all seen those dodgy out of the box 'in the movie' kind of fool-proof dodgy cover-ups, which usually made the culprit look like a 'Mr. Potato Head' burglar. But this e-fit is something else I must admit.

It seems that this thug has attempted to jack money from the cash registers branding a knife and a potty mouth, scaring staff half to death in the process, but leaving empty-handed.

The police detectives who are on the case to hopefully track down and catch the culprit have released the following e-fit in the hope that someone will know this guy, and justice can be rightfully served. But many have suggested that this man isn't a man at all, but a younger boy sporting a fake ginger beard as part of his disguise, as he measures in at a shockingly short 5ft 4ins tall.

Here's what South Yorks Police Department have released in connection to this story so far-

''Detectives investigating a robbery in the Royston area of Barnsley have released an e-fit image of a man they want to identify.

The man is said to have gone into the off-licence on Station Road at around 8.40pm on Friday 21 September and engaged the shopkeeper in conversation, making attempts to buy items.

He is then said to have made threats to the shopkeeper, demanding money. He was also carrying a knife.

The man left empty handed, running along Station Road in the direction of Haigh Moor Way and Birkdale Road. No one was injured in the incident but the shopkeeper was understandably left distressed by what happened.

Detectives investigating have now released an e-fit image of a man they need your help to identify. The suspect is also said to have spoken with a local accent and been about 5ft 4ins tall.

Do you know who he could be? If you have any information that could help, please call 101 quoting incident number 1006 of 21 September 2018.''

Now, of course, I'm not trying to laugh away the seriousness of this crime, but I can't help but think that e-fit kind of misses its intended purpose, and it wouldn't be the first time that such e-fits have missed the mark either.

Over the years we've seen footage of celeb lookalikes, big mouthed e-fits that don't even look slightly human, and blurred video CCTV that looks like it was recorded on a soggy potato.

But what do you guys think of such a story? As always let us have your thoughts in the comments section you'll spot provided below this post.

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