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It seems that the beard boom trend is still in full swing, as a recent study which questioned around 8,000 females has since confirmed that bearded gents are indeed most attractive compared to the clean-shaven kind.

These sort of studies often pop up on our social media timelines, usually heavily criticized by our beardless buddies as they suggest this is nothing more than nonsense, but let's be honest, they're probably jealous. 

Of course, I do understand that a beard may not be to everyone's taste, and rightfully so. Although the facial hair trend remains as popular as ever in 2018, and only shows further signs of remaining on trend in the future

The recent study was carried out by The Journal Of Biology, which unearthed that men with facial hair are viewed as generally most attractive when compared to their beardless counterparts.

The study which is titled The Masculinity Paradox questioned over 8,000 women to rate a variety of men, solely based on how attractive they found them to be.

It quickly became clear by the results that the mass majority of these women much preferred men with some form of facial hair, and by most women, I mean all of them that were asked in this study, a pretty staggering find, wouldn't you agree?

Following such findings, the JOEB stated - ''Our findings do suggest that beardedness may be most attractive when judging long-term relationships.''

In short, this would suggest that us bearded fellows are seen to be better long-term partners to the women that were asked in the study.

Following up on the study it would seem that women view bearded men most manly, which suggests this shows more masculine, social dominance.

It seems ladies like their men to have at least some form of stubble beard and were found to be more suited for a one-night stand situation in place of anything long term.

The study even suggested that bearded men also look like better lovers, and ticked all the right boxes in all the right places. So if you're reading this as a single bearded fellow, you know what you have got to do? ditch the razor and grow our some face fur!

It is not the first time, and it damn sure won't be the last before another similar study pops up displaying similar results to this one. But sometimes crappy stories also make their way through the web, such as the beard poop story. Do you remember this one?

So, the report suggests that men's facial hair contains traces of real life poop, and the internet was quick to go into a whirlwind frenzy as the ''news'' quickly went sour. When this first surfaced I was quick to do a little homework on such findings, and quickly learned this was nothing more than a fake story, one of which had little to zero truth about it in any way shape or form.

It wasn't conducted by clever scientists, or a smart guy with a lab spare, oh no, it was however conducted by a Mexican radio station, who swabbed a very small handful of men's facial hair, before reporting their findings on their very own radio show. How very professional of them!

Here's what I wrote together in an article back then for TBS, please do feel free to give this a read if you wish. It totally debugs the fear factors which suggested our face fuzz was filled with sh*t, so we can all just relax and ignore such nonsense.

As always we would love to know what you think of today's topic at hand. Do you admire beards all that much? Do you have a furry face fo your own? Do you think women dig beards as much as such studies and findings would suggest? As always we urge you to reach out and get in touch.

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