With Christmas right upon us, it'll soon be time for everyone to take to social media promising the usual speal of 'New year, New me!'. Which half of the time falls upon hollow promises that never come into fruition. One thing we can try, if we are brave enough, is a new beard style. If you've been rocking the same beard for many years the chances are you may have had a tinker on what works best for you and your face structure. We wanted to give you a basic guide of possibilities when it comes to one man and his beard. So, here are New Beard Style Ideas In Time For The New Year...


This look is one many follow without giving it much of a thought. But when a man packs a full thick beard and visits his trusty barber for a light trim, chances are this is the type of beard shape your barber will follow. Your beard will appear full on appearance, and where your bottom jaw-line sits, the barber will neatly follow and tidy your beard in a chiseled like line. Leaving your beard to appear much thicker and fuller in the process.


This beard style comes in a variety of names depending upon the beards length. When you have a short buzz fade style beard depending on your facial hairs colour is dependant upon how dark of an effect your beard will appear. As the darker it is, the more visible it will appear to grow. This style closely resembles the '5 O'clock shadow' beard but a touch thicker and usually a little more lengthy too, which is usually easy to manage. Although I've voiced my disapproval about referring to stubble as a beard, this style has continued to prove rather popular, especially amongst students who are just starting out on their beard growing journey of life.


My personal favourite has to be the 'lumberjack' style of beard. Not only do I rock this style myself but it's forever proving more and more popular within the bearded community, and comes in a wide array of styles and lengths. The belief that this style is simply achieved by letting your beard grow out of control and allowing it to do it's own thing is a huge misconception. Although it may appear a touch wilder than any other beard style out there, it can prove rather time consuming to achieve and maintain. If you leave your beard to do its own thing for long enough you'll reach crazy levels of wizardry like never before, although the chances are once you've reached a certain length of beard growth it may start to appear to look much thinner at the tips.

Regardless of what beard style you choose to sport proudly moving forward, here at 'The Beard Struggle' we have everything you could possibly need to continue to grow a rich, healthy beard. Visit our exclusive 'TBS' online store and check out our range of premium beard oils and balms.

That's another beard blog written for today my Brothers and sisters. As always please take a moment to leave us your thoughts and feedback in the comments section that you will find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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