If your beard is anything like mine it's probably rather wild and unruly, more so first thing in the morning when you roll out of bed ready for the day ahead to begin.

Having a rather wild (and for me, ginger) beard does have its mad moments where nothing seems to help control the damn thing, but thankfully there are safe, yet rather simple techniques you can follow that will grant you back control of an unruly beard. Ways that do not require the use of nasty hair straighteners or hair dryers too.

Of course, the most tempting solution to tame down an out of control beard would be to reach for your wife's hair straighteners and dryer to help regain control of that fuzzy face of yours, but hold your horses cowboy, as doing so might grant you the short-term results to the problem at hand, but the chances are you're going to be causing both you and your beard an entire back catalogue of beard related problems later on down the line.

I know the most of us follow our own routines when it comes to beard care, but from my personal experiences I would never recommend that you should ever use either a hair dryer or hair straighter upon your furry face, the reason for this being rather simple. These devices were never first desgined for the use of your beard in mind. With this your beard doesn't manage too well when high levels of heat are blasted through it on an overly regular basis.

So, whilst you may get the desired results that little quicker, you're more likely to dry out and weaken your beard over time by doing so. This will also have a knock on effect to any split ends that appear in your beard, as well as dry flakey skin, which will soon become beard dandruff.

Here's how I choose to safely straighten my beard without the need of any electrical devices or magical pills or potions..

Firstly, when you step out from the shower each morning rather than reach for the hair dryer, take a towel and lightly pat your beard to remove any excess water, leaving your beard slightly damp to the touch. Remember, don't go like a 'bat outta hell' crazy on that furry face of yours, as you'll only be adding to the crazy fuzz rather than helping to better manage and control it.

Then use either a beard comb or bristle brush and loosen out any knots and tangles you may find, shaping the beard into the desired shape and style you're looking for. Then use a generous amount of 'TBS' beard balm, massaging into your palms before applying an even amount though your beard, making sure your massage deep into the beard right to the face below.

Now, it's time to take your comb and continue with straight, neat strokes before the balm begins to dry and set. As once our balm begins to set you'll have a much tidier, straighter beard that you'll be able to manage once again.

The reason I personally recommend the use of our 'TBS' balm instead of oils for those who have a bushier than average beard is simply because our balms grant the wearer better control, providing a more manageable beard in the process. Still not sure? Then why not take a moment to read what our army of loyal customers have to say for themselves within their honest customer feedback forms?

So, there you have it. A little guide on how to straighten up a wild beard without the need of any nasty devices, pills or potions. As ever, please be sure to leave us your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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