As the world is slowly recovering from all the festivities (and whiskey!) of Christmas, it seems the Detroit Police Department are feeling a tad jolly as well, as they have axed their former ban of facial hair for all their police officers in duty.

Police Chief, James Craig has said to his local press that he didn't feel the ban was fitting, stating - ''I didn't want to keep something in place that really had no bearing on how good they (officers) would do their job.''

The Detroit Police Department (DPD) had previously banned most beards from the force, from long goatees to full beards, yet had chosen to previously allow neatly trimmed mustaches as long as they did not reach a certain length. Although some officers could seek medical approval of some facial hair on the grounds of a certain skin conditions that would then grant them permission to grow out a little facial hair based on medical grounds. The new policy started to take effect back in July of this year (2016), although the new ruling wasn't heavily publicised, which left many unaware of the new changes which now allow trimmed beards and goatees. Here in England bearded officers have been on the beat for some years now, from smartly styled goatees, to full lumberjack bushy beards. So it makes sense for the police force to loosen up such rulings around the globe.

With the DPD loosening their ruling against beards, is it just a matter of time before other autory positions following suit? As things currently stand beards are often heavily frowned upon within the workplace. Although the ruling against beards differs from position to position. It seems certain companies are out of touch with the world, and the right for any man to grow out a beard should he choose to do so. It's a human right that is often abused by many employers. Here's hoping 2017 will continue to see other companies rethink such rulings as nothing more than outdated nonsense, allowing the workforce to carry out their roles bearded if they choose to do so.

Are you working in a position that frowns upon your choice of facial hair? Does your workplace have a strict ban on beards? Or are you one of the fortunate few who can beard on loud and proud? Let us know in the comments section provided below!

And until next time, beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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