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It seems long gone are the days where the beautician's chair were mainly for the exclusive use for the females, as there has been a sudden spike in bearded men taking up a space at the beauty parlour all in order to receive a new kind of treatment exclusively desgined with us men in mind, called the beard facial.

Upon first reading a short paragraphed headline about this today whilst out commuting I have to be honest, I wasn't all that sold on the idea. But after watching how ones beard can benefit from a little extra pampering and TLC from someone other than ourselves I am now most certainly sold!

The new treatment has begun to roll out in beauty salons in NYC, and look set to soon be arriving in a parlour near you due to popular public demand. The treatments are specifically desgined to meet both your skin and your facial hairs requirements, and promise to leave you feel enlightened and relaxed there afterwards.

I'm not entirely sure what that funky looking clear plastic comb thingy was that the beautician was using, but I am certainly game to give it a try! 

The beard facial treatments vary slightly dependant on the gentleman's beard style and length, but each session aims to last around 20-30 minutes in total. Your face fuzz gets a special treatment of an oil based ointment that frees up your fuzz from grime and dirt from deep within your beard, revitalising the skin in the process. They even use the traditional hot towel treatment too! 

Even if your beard game is on point I reckon this would be a nice treat to undertake for the experience of it all if nothing else. It seems to be floating around on many social media outlets, as well as being a trending video on YouTube. So, we wouldn't be at all surprised if this latest fad really takes over. So, move over ladies, the beards are back in town!  

But what do you guys think? Could you see yourself booking in a slot at your local beauty parlour to experience the beard facial treatment? As always we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, and you can get involved by letting us know your feelings in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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