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Today I wanted to gift your eyes with a handy little guide on how's best to take care of one's furry face forest, so without further delay, let us begin with today's topic, which is titled All That You'll Need To Know About Looking After Your Beard...
You might think now that you are living the 'beard life' you'll not need to keep a hold of your razor or any other beard murdering device, but in truth, a razor can still prove real handy when it comes to male grooming.
Even the longest of beards will require a neat and tidy every once in a while, and this is where I use my open cut razor to tidy up my cheek lines and sideburns. 
I also hear that in the year of 2018 'manscaping' is a thing. I'll let you figure out what this in reference to. 
Another important factor of your grooming routine should be taking care of your skin as well as your face fur. Whilst some beard care products will prove beneficial to your skin, not all of them will. And taking a little time aside in your daily routine to care for you can only prove worthwhile, providing an optimal growing ground for your facial hair to continue to grow upon. 
Ever find yourself with leftover oil or balm on your hands after tending to your beard? Many folks will simply wash away the remainder down the plughole when what you could be doing is using that product on your hair.
That's right, the very products that you're using on your marvelous man mane can provide rather useful in your hair too! It can help provide a little extra hold, and a natural shine to your manly locks, so next time you find yourself with a drop of extra oil, why not give this trick a try?
Anybody recall the Cartoon Network character 'Johnny Bravo'? Call him Mr. Vane, we could have learned a trick or two from that guy. 
Firstly he always had a comb at hand to keep his hair in check, in the year 2018 many bearded men now carry a trusty beard comb, and rightfully so. 
I always find having my pocket TBS V Type comb to hand has been a real saver when my face fuzz goes a little wild. Combing through your beard will help keep any knots or tangles minimal, and also helps your product reach all the right places. 
Following a balanced beard care routine that works out best for your individual needs will prove key to your beard growing success. 
Once you have a pattern that fits into your lifestyle you must stick with it for optimal results. Remember, regardless to your beard style, shade or size butter, balms, and oils are an essential part of caring for your face whiskers. 
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