The internet has gone into a bit of a stir overnight, as official news broke that beard emojis ARE finally being considered to launch on our smart device keypads as soon as this June.

A set, totalling of around 69 new emojis are currently being tried and tested by Unicode, the association who are entirely responsible for choosing all new emojis that make the cut onto our devices, from those who do not.

Amongst the mix set for the latest release, we will have the option to choose from a wide array of rather random critters, gadgets and gizmos. From a grasshopper to a pretzel or a t-rex to a bowl of soup, there is expected to be plenty to choose from.

Beards have been heavily requested to join the world of emojis for as far back a I can recall. So, to finally see the wheels in motion to have the option to use our favourite yellow faced smileys all grown up and bearded will be a welcomed addition to everyone's keyboards. Although I am still in a slight disbelief that the middle finger emoji made the cut before the bearded emoji did, though.


Here is a short list of some of the proposed releases that could be heading to our cell phones and tablets keyboards globally in as little as 3 months time...

A mermaid and merman (a touch strange, I know.) Aladdin's Genie, Male and female Zombies, a giraffe, a hedgehog, a selection of dinosaurs, a pretzel, some broccoli, another sandwich (maybe the fillings are different this time!) a bowl of soup and a juicy steak.

That is just the very tip of the iceberg, as the expected update will no doubt have several little surprises emojis to arrive along the way.

Whilst it is believed there will initially be only one, possibly two bearded emojis that roll out at launch, we should expect to see more beardy's join the listings in possible future updates.

So, what say you? Are you happy to finally see bearded emojis arrive on your cell phone's keyboard? Or are there other emojis you'd like to see make the rankings list first? As always let us know in the comments section below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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