Yes, it's safe to say we all love our beards. But growing out your beard-manes doesn't come without its obstacles and challenges. Today I'd like to highlight a few of these 'Beard Struggles' with little to no pun intended...

Eating your moustache is inevitable.

So, it's been a long and busy day and all you want to do is get your furry chops around some nice tasty filling food. You pick up and take a bite and *CHOMP* a satisfying mouthful of grub is followed by a mouthful of your very own mustache. No matter how careful you may be it still happens!

Beard dandruff, it happens.

You may have noticed that your facial forest can produce some serious beard-druff, and at times at an alarming rate. Whilst there is no 'quick fix' solution for such issues, keeping your beards clean with TBS beard wash and brushed daily helps minimise any future beard blizzards.

The barbershop blues.

You've been growing your glorious beard for sometime and the dooms day has arrived where you need a little help to help tame and shape the fluffy beast. For many women taking themselves down to the hair salon is viewed as joyous occasion. For us bearded blokes though it couldn't be anything further away from a joy! My first experience at a barber after just over a year of facial hair growth was a daunting one. I'd no intention of having anything off of the length and just wanted a simple tidy up and a little shape back. But the build up to this was a huge ordeal for me. And I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Learning to eat messy foods correctly.

This one has to be my personal least favourite bearding problem. Spaghetti bolognese, ice creams, frothy coffees to name a few are a huge obstacle when you have a beard. Taking a sip of your morning brew can soak into your tash in a matter of seconds if not done correctly. It's strange and can prove super tricky to begin with. But following a few simple pointers can help. First, cut your food smaller making it less tricky to catch some beard hairs on. When drinking on the go use the helpful 'tippy cup' lids most coffee shops already supply you with. If at home you could always use a mustache-dam. Yep, they really do exist!

Well, that's this weeks 'beardlog' blog post! As always share with your fellow bearded friends and admirers!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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