Proudly sporting a rather large mass of glorious facial fluff myself I run tired very fast of being told I'm ''following the trend'' as people rather ignorantly label my beard a trend rather than a lifestyle choice. Yes it has to be said this past year or so has seen a massive increase in fellows growing out their own furry forests but the majority of us beardo's aren't bearding to follow the crowd, but to simply grow out cus' we simply want to! 

For me it began with a goatee style chin strap with no mustache. I later had a trimming disaster which entailed me having to start over again which then opened the window of opportunity to attempt growing my first full beard, this was around a year and a half ago and I can honestly say i haven't looked back since. Yes, it did come with the usual ''shock shock; horror horror!'' responses from my family and friends. But I'm wired a little different than your 'average Joe' and take great pleasure in shocking people. As a kid i was the youngest boy in the class to rock an aggressive spiked mohawk. Then when people warmed to that i went home and found my Mother's raving red hair dye and decided to spice things up a little by colouring my spikes a shade of 'I could spot you from the moon' red with bleach blonde streaks to clash. So eye catching in fact that i got myself instantly expelled from my school for doing so. So, you could argue that growing out my beard was one of the tamer options i have made in my life.

Since becoming a more civilized member of society, better known as 'getting older' I have failed to digest the 'pigeon holes' society expects us to fall into. Because we choose to grow a beard despite it's shape, colour or form we are made to feel like we're part of a fashion movement, like the only purpose we all share for wearing our beard-manes are to make a fashion statement. Now, i know i speak for most when i say that such comments are instantly soiled as nothing more than silly nonsense. And to prove this so let's take a look back at the history of beards and why they deserve more respect and recognition than a tacky fashion icon label.

Beards go back in history further than we could begin to imagine. In ancient India wise men grew their beards as long as they possibly could as a symbol of peace, wisdom and dignity. It was also often served as a punishment to chop off a males beard if the wearer got caught in the act of crime.

In the middle ages Knights displayed a well kept beard as a sign of honour, although it's also believed to help hide any facial scars the bearer might have earned during battle. Beards have also been supported by many historic names in history. From kings to leaders and infamous dictators. It seems with power comes great beard-sponsibility.

So the next time that guy at the office chooses to aim verbal opinion at your ''following a trend'' beard be sure to remind him that sporting your beard isn't like choosing what sweater to wear each morning before leaving the house. A beard takes time and patience to grow, it is not a fashion statement nor a fashion choice but a way you choose to live your life freely without judgement.

*Editors Note*
Some of you may have received an email or spotted a post or two asking you to support our Brother site UFC FEED during the UK Blog Awards 2016. This is in fact my site, and i just wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you for all your support! I am pleased to say that UFC FEED has made it to the finals which are set to take place in April at Westminster, London! I'm truly grateful for all the support you have shown over these past few weeks! Onwards and upwards to the UKBA16 finals we go!

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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